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Can the Dalai Lama Justify non-virtuous actions? October 22, 2008

Posted by kachemarpo in Originals.
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Justifying non-virtue



Can a sincere Buddhist practitioner ever justify engaging in harmful actions? Quite frankly, the answer is no.  The reason why this is impossible is because in order to be Buddhist you must take refuge in the Three Jewels: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.  A Buddha is an enlightened being to works effortlessly to benefit all beings, loving them like a mother loves her only child.  It would be a blatant contradiction to turn to refuge to Buddha and then harm another living being, kind of like showing respect to a mother and then harming her child. 


The Dharma that is taught within Gelugpa Buddhism is Mahayana Dharma, which is distinguished from Hinayana Dharma by the bodhichitta motivation that a Mahayana practitioner generates while engaging in their spiritual practice.  This bodhichitta motivation is principally a wish to benefit living beings that is accompanied by a wisdom understanding that attaining perfect complete enlightenment is the only method to permanently free others from their pain and problems.


So then, how is it possible that so many people call themselves Buddhist yet continuously slander and shun practitioners of  Dorje Shugden around the world? There must be some discrepancy in the mind that would justify this.  (For evidence of such injustice and harm you can look at the following websites:




These links show some examples of countless cases of discrimination and persecution that is something like a witch-hunt.)


The discrepancy unfortunately comes from an unquestioning trust in the Dalai Lama   (which a majority of the modern world has) as being a kind, compassionate, wise person.  But for Tibetans he is more than that.  He is in fact a god, a living god on earth, infallible and omniscient. He also happens to be their president.  

As a result, a subservient attitude is built into this relationship that places the Dalai Lama on a pedestal where it is unacceptable to question or disagree. As a Tibetan if you question or disagree with the Dalai Lama it means that you are automatically against him and against the cause of a free Tibet, which necessarily means that you are an agent of the Chinese government. This is not logic; this is foolish. However, ‘intellectuals’ and ‘academics’ such as Robert Thurman believe and say such things about Dorje Shugden practitioners. Just one question for those who believe that accusation: How can you claim that all of the sudden, Dorje Shugden followers are agents of the Chinese Government? There have been generations of practitioners attaining enlightenment in dependence upon relying on Dorje Shugden, which took place before any Chinese involvement in Tibet. Those who are maintaining this practice are trying to simply keep this tradition alive.


We can see various examples of people who openly disagree with the Dalai Lama and subsequently become discredited, ostracized, or harmed in some way.  Such examples can be found on the websites above and from the testimonies of various Tibetans and Monks who I have met. I have heard their stories with my own ears. I have seen a restaurant owner and a jeweler lose their business partners and clients, I have seen a family of Tibetans in New York City lose the support of their fellow Tibetan community,  because they wish to continue their spiritual practice.  The Dalai Lama even has the gaul to discredit his own spiritual forefathers without whom he would have no Dharma teachings to offer.  This is completely heinous.


It is because of people’s trust and faith in him that his words are taken on as the truth without critically questioning. 


In New York City when the Dalai Lama is asked about the how to keep a peaceful mind when viewing the demonstrating Dorje Shugden Buddhists he says nothing about to keep inner peace through practicing love, patient acceptance, respecting other peoples beliefs.


So where are his priorities? Are his priorities on keep a peaceful mind and helping others keep peaceful minds, or is he more interested in politics and making his position on a particular issue clear to the public. Why does he not issue a statement saying that is unacceptable for his followers to throw bottles, coins, spit on, and give death threats to those who disagree with his view? 


The reason is because these actions are justified by him and by bad logic.  Some people might disagree and say that he has not actually condoned such negativity. I say that his silence on the matter is his approval.  As a leader it is his responsibility to guide his people in the right direction.


Unfortunately many people trust his words more than their own reasoning and wisdom.  In Buddhism it is explained that harming living beings is a path to suffering. But that basic Buddhist understanding is lost with respect to Dorje Shugden practitioners. You can believe me or not, it doesn’t matter, just look with your own eyes and examination… is there harm being done to these people? Regardless of all the elaborations, reasoning, complexities and politics that are put forth by the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan government, and others, none of these justify anyone engaging in negativity. Actions have effects, so I pray from the depths of my heart that whatever small merit I accumulate through my practice of Dharma may be used to protect these beings from future suffering. May they meet pure spiritual guides and pure Dharma, quickly realize the path of liberation set forth by the conqueror Buddhas and achieve release from the prison of samsara.




1. Dulzin - October 23, 2008

You raise very important points Karchemarpo!

What the Dalai Lama has done can be summer as follows:

Millions of Buddhist across the world carry out the practice of an ancient well loved prayer to the Buddhist Deity Dorje Shugden.

The Dalai Lama has illegally banned this prayer even though he himself practiced it for most of his life and was taught to him by his Spiritual Guide before him. Since banning the prayer in 1996, the Dalai Lama has set about instigating and endorsing a series of non-democratic and vehement campaigns toward Shugden practitioners causing tremendous pain and great schisms within the Buddhist community worldwide.

His campaign has intensified since January this year when over a 1000 monks were unconstitutionally expelled from their monasteries, Tibetans-in-exile were forcibly intimidated to engage in public signature and swearing campaigns, and since which Shugden devotees have experienced having identity cards and visa applications withheld, they have been denied basic needs and necessities such as food, water and medical assistance, and there have been instances of thuggish attacks against persons and arson against their property simply because they wish to maintain their spiritual beliefs.

The Dalai Lama continues to campaign for support to seek religious freedom from the Chinese. Yet, millions of Shugden practitioners worldwide are also seeking religious freedom – from the Dalai Lama.

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